The Future History Of America

 (Live performance album Demo)

[AKA Super Lit Demo]

The Future History Of America 

(live performance album demo aka super lit demo)




*All songs Written, Arranged, Composed, and Performed by Violent in Black.


Violent in Black is...

Joe Berson - Vox/Bass

Julian Rhine - Guitar/Vox

Travis Scelia - Drums


*All music/vocal recordings Produced, Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Travis Scelia at ViB Studios and Jolly Roger Studios.


*All Songwriting, Performance, and Production Rights/Royalties are Distributed equally to all three members of the band (Rhine/Berson/Scelia).


*℗ & © 2020 Violent in Black, LLC.


*Special thanks to:

Gabriel Castellar & Crystalla Gonzalez @ Little Big Studio for sharing gear with ViB Studios, Rick Casario for moral support during the recording process, Ernie Scelia for vocal isolation booth construction, and BJ Bauman for soundproofing materials @ Jolly Roger Studios.

And a special thanks to you. Thank you for listening!